Tracy Anderson

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Scamming scenario : This person has used every scam in the book. From medical bills to Ransom and several airline tickets and travel expenses to and from the airlines offices. "She" blames the airlines for several mistakes in getting the plane ticket. There is an "inspector that verifies her story and he has contacted me directly. Also "she" claims to have an uncle in the travel business named Lawrence Benson Degraft. "She" asks you to send money in the name of Francis Allotey coz "she" has no ID as Tracy Anderson for some reason or another. She is very convincing !! Along with the "Doctor" and the "Inspector" her story seems to be legitimate."Her" "Mother's" name is Comfort Effah (aka) Christian Akahbah. Her email address is and she lives in Accra, Ghana


First Name: Tracy
Location: Ghana, Accra
Age: 37
Birth Date: 29-05-1976

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